Must Be Nice to be a Trumper

It must be nice to have been a Trumper, the past 4 years, going to bed each night thinking that the state of democracy, the rule of law, race relations, police brutality and child cagings at the border are exactly as you believe they should be.

It must be nice being so comfortable that you benefit from tax cuts for the rich and think that everyone does. Or not care that everyone doesn’t.

It must be nice being White enough, male enough, straight enough, rich enough, in-this-country-long enough that you don’t worry about legally-guaranteed rights being seized. To know you’re not a Muslim student suddenly banned from entering the U.S. because of your religion. Or a Dreamer suddenly at risk of deportation because of a repeal of DACA.

It must be nice knowing that control of your body and your reproductive liberties will still be yours because you’re not a woman. Or that your right to serve your nation as a soldier won’t be infringed because you’re not transgender.

It must be nice not having to worry whether the police will step on your son’s neck or shoot your daughter in the back because of the color of their skin.

It must be nice knowing that you have health coverage that won’t drop you for preexisting conditions, even if the White House prevails at hastily-assembling a right-leaning court. Or feeling that Covid won’t impact you, even without a proper national testing and tracing policy.

It must be nice feeling so secure that you don’t care about domestic voter suppression or foreign electoral interference.

It must be nice believing any fact you dislike can be tossed aside as “fake.” And that any lie can be justified as “owning the libs.”

And finally, it must be nice feeling that as long as your individual needs are met and your pocketbook is lined, it doesn’t matter if the rule of law is ignored, if democratic norms are torn asunder, and if the power of the presidency is abused for personal, political gain.

In all these cases, and so many more, it must be nice being you.

Because frankly, it’s been hell for the rest of us.



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