It must be nice to have been a Trumper, the past 4 years, going to bed each night thinking that the state of democracy, the rule of law, race relations, police brutality and child cagings at the border are exactly as you believe they should be.

It must be nice…

In America’s history, any group hoping to foment social progress, whether it be ameliorative or curative, have always been hit with opposing arguments that seek not to argue the issue on its merits, but employ fear and divisive rhetoric to cast unfounded doubt on the groups themselves seeking the change.

Growing up, I was inculcated with a highly-specific set of Jewish values. These values were rooted in both the Jewish immigrant’s unique place in the American socio-political firmament. And in our historic outsider position in America, in Europe and beyond.

These values can neatly summarized as such: Because of our…

Remember the 80’s synth band, Missing Persons? I do because I once waited 4 hours in line to see them at Magic Mountain. And because midwestern tourists keep taking photos with my friend, Ed, because they considered him a “real punk rocker.” This was based on the intentional fallacy that…

Bryan Behar

TV Writer. Emotional Eater.

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